Is it possible to have a healthy baby with herpes

02.01.2020 By Bert Bart

is it possible to have a healthy baby with herpes

When I found out I was pregnant—three years after I found out I had herpes—I immediately asked my obstetrician what I could expect of my regular symptoms during the course of my pregnancy. She told me they likely wouldn't change much. It turned out she was wrong. I had chronic outbreaks, which consisted of nerve pain, itching, and tingling. These symptoms persisted for the majority of my pregnancy, but my care provider seemed surprised, and unsure what to do—a common problem for pregnant women in my position, I soon learned. It wasn't that she didn't iit how to treat my genital herpes during my pregnancy—she prescribed me a higher dosage of antiviral medication, in accordance with guidelines—but she didn't really seem to have a sense of what could happen next. My pregnancy brought an increase in both frequency and severity of my herpes symptoms.
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    is it possible to have a healthy baby with herpes

    In turn, the risk for transmission is incredibly low. Neonatal herpes is most likely to occur during birth, and is more common with a vaginal delivery but can also happen during a c-section.

    Can you have a healthy baby if you have herpes - Answers

    It's women who get herpes late in their pregnancies who are at the highest risk for hea,thy complications. Think about it this way: If you're just acquiring HSV as an infection, you don't have the antibodies yet. Unfortunately, "we don't have a way of currently of identifying these patients," Wald warns.

    is it possible to have a healthy baby with herpes

    In fact, the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists doesn't recommend testing all pregnant people for the virus because of the small likelihood of a lethal breakout. The medical community has determined that the outcome is generally good for babies delivered by asymptomatic parents.

    I'm Pregnant and Have Genital Herpes

    Chhutani elaborates. The problem? This places the impetus for proper preventative care, and the safety of the child, solely on the patient. Unless they disclose their herpes status, the care provider will operate under the assumption that they don't have the virus.

    Knowledge is power, and in this case, safety. For those of us who know we have herpes and become pregnant, our prognosis is generally good. Transmission rates are extremely low—for a woman who has had recurrent outbreaks of the virus prior to pregnancy and is asymptomatic at birth, the risk of fetal infection is just 0.

    To help reduce this possibility, providers will often prescribe an antiviral—like acyclovir Zoviraxfamciclovir Famviror valacyclovir Valtrex —at 36 weeks of pregnancy, to be taken until delivery, for patients not already on one. Bottom line: As long as there are no symptoms going into labor, vaginal delivery is perfectly safe. I know this from experience. This does not pose a risk to the baby. The vast majority of women who have herpes have a normal, uncomplicated vaginal delivery.

    In most cases, women with herpes are not restricted when it comes to the type of birth they can have vaginal or cesarean or even invasive procedures like fetal scalp monitoring.

    Herpes is not an issue in labor unless there are active lesions or you have prodromal symptomswhich are symptoms that indicate you are about to have an active infection.

    Pregnant women with genital herpes should be careful -- but not overly worried -- about passing the virus on to the baby. The risk of infecting the baby is high (30% to 50%) when a woman is newly. Aug 31,  · The symptoms of birth-acquired herpes usually appear within the first few weeks of the baby’s life and may be present at birth. Birth-acquired herpes Author: Erica Roth. Mar 07,  · When I was pregnant, and didn't have much more than Google searches to guide me, I landed in a pile of fear-mongering stories about fatal herpes infections in newborns. And that's about it.

    It ks important to note that active sores that are not near the vagina or labia may mean that a vaginal delivery is still possible. If you have these symptoms, a cesarean birth is recommended. Newborn infections of herpes are fairly uncommon. About 1 in 3, newborns will develop a herpes infection. The biggest risk is if healtuy baby is not treated. When neonatal herpes is not treated, there is a high risk of lifelong problems, disability, and even death.

    Genital herpes: What you should know about sex and pregnancy

    You should also know that breastfeeding is possible with herpes, even during an active outbreak, as long as the outbreak is not on the breast, nipple, or areola. The key to a healthy pregnancy with herpes is good communication with your health care provider and your partner. Get treatment for active lesions, and pay attention to potential new lesions, particularly around the time of birth.

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      Herpes simplex virus HSV , more commonly known simply as herpes, is one of the most common sexually transmitted infections STIs. This virus can be spread through vaginal, anal, and oral sex. It is estimated that about percent of the population is infected with oral herpes typically HSV

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