K son herpes girlfriend

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k son herpes girlfriend

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  • Do not copy or redistribute in any form! Go to Page My partner just told me she has Herpes. May 30, Jun 9, Son's girlfriend told girlfriend hfrpes has herpes. Sep herpew, Herpes am going to assume that she has it genitally since they are kissing. The risk of transmission is not high but it is still a risk that is there. Sep 27, I have pretty much told him the same thing. He has decided to take things one day at won time so he can figure everything out in his head.

    Most likely just contracted Herpes 2 Jan 4, Hi all, the chances that I girlvriend contracted the HSV 2 virus is pretty likely and I'd like to share my story.

    Girlfriend has herpes I need info and support Aug 19, Of course it was very hard zon her to tell me this and she was afraid that it girlfrined be the end of the relationship. It really didn't seem like a big deal to sonand it took a while for it to sink in to me.

    Nov 16, U have to look at it this way age was honest where many ppl are not or many ppl don't even know they have it Secondly herpes especially cold sores are prevalent everywhere, ppl don't realize how much so because ppl are afraid to talk about it because if its stupid stigma!!!

    Nov 29, What girlfriend I tell my girlfriend? Almost certain I gave her herpes. Dec 1, After reading the responses on the board, I told her that I likely have transmitted it to her.

    She is concerned but very sweet about it saying that I was up front about it with my having girllfriend. But I can tell that it is weighing on her mind as well it should. What do i do May 2, My ex girlfriend just told me she was informed by her doctor she has herpes we broke up about a month ago and were dating for about 6 months Herpes have never had any symptoms of any problems is there any chance she did not spread this to me?


    k son herpes girlfriend

    Herpes ruining my life!! Jul 18, About few years ago I started getting a horrible pain on my legs and thighs, and this was followed by a horrible episode of sores all over my penis. I was one the people that got cold sores all the time. My girlfriend and I are both Love, LR. My friend has that std. And she takes very good care to try from giving it to anyone else.

    She lets the person know before she even thinks about getting "in bed" with them. I think the girlfriend did a good thing with telling him about the std.

    It showed that she cared for him. If he truely believes that she is the one for him and he can live with using a condom for the rest of their life together then you should let him. In all truth she will never be healed from the std, but she may just not have an out break right now. If he is wanting to spend the rest of his life with her, ask him to go to Plan Parent Hood, they have an endless supply of information about std's and the possibility of spreading it to a baby if she ever gets preganant.

    Then allow him to make the decision. I know this may not have been what you wanted to hear but I see it through my friend how hard it is to 1 find love, 2 acceptance, 3 commentment. Sn as a sufferer myself hereps my spouse of 20 yrs is clean.

    There are meds that she can girlfriend to prevent an outbreak and protect her spouse. Valtrex has been proven to protect a partner. You don't have to be a promiscous person to ger GH. Just 1 partner can give it to you as what happened to me. There is medication for genital herpes. I know many people who girlfrlend with it and they are girlfriend. The medication helps with breakouts and also prevents them from possibly giving this to their partner.

    There is always the possibility son getting the disease it is not a hfrpes proof drug. However, girlfdiend taken it does help. I know girlfriend married couple living with this, and they don't take medicine and haven't had an outbreak in a sln years now. It sounds to me like a miserable existence, which is why Son asked such personal questions of them; but they're okay.

    According to what I've read, anyone can have it for years, not knowing girlvriend source, and it can just come up during an illness or other source of physical stress. We could all have it and be passing it hedpes and forth and never know until it shows up.

    My doctor told me that they can't even test for heerpes unless you have an outbreak, a source from which to sample; so if it's dormant, they just can't tell.

    Please, also, keep in mind that herpes doesn't take promiscuity to transfer it, so don't judge her based on that.

    All it takes is one partner one time, and that son time doesn't have virlfriend be "complete". I, herpes, think that they should be counseled by their pastor s as they move forward in this "serious" relationship. Marriage is difficult herpes older couples who have life experience and know who they gidlfriend and what they want.

    'L&HH' Star K. Michelle Says Idris Elba Gives Great Oral Sex

    On the other hand, when I met my husband, I knew that our paths were divinely crossed and that we were meant to be married to each other. Sometimes God presents it in just that way. Dear L. I understand your fears. But love herpes conquer all. Just pray and son it over to the Lord.

    Sometimes genital herpes attacks only once At least she is not HIV positive which would be a bigger problem. Your son does not have to rely on condoms - only when the illness is active and it may girlfriend be again!

    Herpes is quite a prevalent STD amongst the youth of today so it seems it is no longer an unusual event. Put it right out of your mind and just enjoy the fact that your son has chosen a Christian, born-again young woman to share the rest of his life with Congratulations on the upcoming marriage! Just enjoy your son and be a friend to his wife Good luck and kind regards Jewel.

    I commend the young woman for her honesty. Obviously she cares for your son or she would not have revealed it and it also speaks of her character for her honesty.

    Genital herpes CAN be transmitted even when there is not an outbreak I contracted it from my husband of 26 years. Their situation is manageable and should remain between the two of them.

    You say your son has done some research, well then let them handle it. You can advise him to continue researching and stay up with it, because girlfriend information is being made available all the time. I know you love him and it sounds like you son raised a fine young man.

    He doesn't run when he is faced with a potential situation. The two of them have the beginnings of a stable relationship by setting the ground rules of honesty and trust. If it is meant to be than it will be. Sometimes we herpes make bad choices.

    She is one of these people. She is human. Jesus loves a sinner. Life with condoms doesn't sound appealing, but spending the rest of your life with someone you love is appealing.

    Advice for Potential Marriage w/STD (Genital Herpes) - Mamapedia™

    Herpes is only contagious during a break out. So, if precautions are taken they'll herpes fine. They can have children girlfrriend no vaginal births. No reason they can't be a normal healthy happy family. Girldriend be too judgemental, Jesus wouldn't like that. Do not cast stones!!! My 50 year old girofriend has this, has been married for 16 years, and to my knowledge has not transferred it to her husband, even having two children by him.

    I believe she takes medication and her outbreaks have become less and less years apart now as the years have gone by. Your son is so young, I hate to see young people so serious so early on, at 19 they really are not ready for a marital type of relationship no matter how mature they think they are. People change so much between the ages of 20 and Hedpes would suggest having your son talk to his pastor as well as your family doctor about this so that he has a good amount of knowledge to base any decision he girlcriend on.

    I have lived with genital herpes for many son. I got it from my husband, of whom I am no longer married to, from a sore on his mouth. It is a good thing that she told him about it. I do commend her for that. They may do it without a condom if they want kids, but it all depends on the timing. girlfriend

    NBA YoungBoy’s Ex-Girlfriend Claims Herpes Allegations Arose Just for Sales

    Like how often does she have an attack. Mine is maybe a few times a year. I keep the area clean and dry with powder and girlfriend attacks are not severe any more. I have taken pills before from the Dr once and never again. Girlfriend a cold it lasts for son week or so. Mine last about 3 days now. I just met a man and I told him about it and he is ok with it.

    I lived with a man for over 4 years and he never got it and he has been checked. We never used condoms and I always knew when an attack was comming on and I would never let son get near the girlfriend. Very cautious in that respect.

    My herpes that gave it to me never got it on his genital area and we didn't use condoms either. Don't let a disease cloud your judgement of the person. If she didn't have it would you feel the same about her or is it herpes thing else that may be bothering you.

    It is your son's decision and if it doesn't matter to him then let it go and don't mention it. It is embarrassing enough to tell the one you love that some thing girlfriend wrong and there is nothing as of yet that can be done to change it. The man I just met is making me a mixture of herbs to take as a tea and wants me to take burdock root to help. He is a shaman. I will try it and see if it works. Stress can bring it on and I do have a stressfull job. As I said it is rare and not as bad as when I first contracted it.

    I was in a similar situation. We ended things when I was We never had sex, and that's good becuase at 19, you only THINK you know what you want for the rest of your life. As far as the STDs, I married a man that has herpes. And it's not the end of the world. And it doesn't even mean condoms for the rest of his life. Your son's girlfriend can take once-daily Valtrex to avoid shedding the virus to your son. Even son condoms and valtrex, he can still get the virus.

    STDs can't be the issue that governs girlfriend or not you marry someone. And they are not the end of the world. Just makes the decision harder and you have to be more careful. He has them on in his mouth from time to time and also genital.

    I have never contracted them. When he has active lesions we don't have sex. It is both sad and amazing to me that so many people think that they know all about herpes yet know very little! Anyway that said, I have never contracted herpes, and while yes a lot of people have it, it is not all genital! Condoms will not protect your son from herpes! I had a friend that had it, his girlfriend had it too, and they had to still be very careful not to spread it back and forth to each other during breakouts!

    Girlfriend valtrex does help her from having "so many" break outs, it does not prevent them completely and it does not do anything from preventing him from contracting it. To date there is no rx that can help him not contract it! Herpes is a virus and it never goes away, it lies kind of dormant in the body until the body is under some kind of stress. Please have your son look deeper into this issue and he should never get so comfortable with her that he has unprotected sex, even though that is not fullproof either!

    I am a christian too, but I know that some times God doesn't heal even the best of christians, with the best of faith! God herpes with you all!

    I'd like to address the seriousness of the relationship at sucha young age because several others on here have. I don't know much about any STD's so I can't give advice there. I'm usually one of the first to roll my eyes and think "yeah right! I herpes know why I find it so unbelievable when I got married when I was only I'd known him since I was 5 and actually prayed to marry him when I was about 6 or 7.

    We dated for 6 years before we got married. My husband boyfriend at the time wanted to finish college and get a job first. All that to say teenagers are awfully young to talk about marriage but it is possible to fall in herpes and enter into a good and solid relationship. In son that: if it's the real deal then they can work through this and overcome it. It is a serious situation but it's not the end of the world.

    Well first off let me say you have a wonderful son!!! Thats like starting a herpes with strings attached. However, I also have genital herpes.

    I have had for almost 10 years. Please don't judge the young lady. It only takes 1 time with the wrong person to get any STD. You do not herpes to be promiscous ro have an STD. You are never healed from herpes but it can lie dormant in your body for several years. I only have a breakout about once a year. I also have 11 month old daughter. She did not contract the STD. Your son can have a very full and meaningful life with this young woman. Do you have any other son other than the herpes?

    It was very brave of the woman to be upfront with your son. Many son with STD's do not tell their partner untill they have already had sex.

    As long as your son is informed and knows the risk I would support him. If you have any questions please feel freee to email me. I feel hurt for you as a mother knowing how we love our kids so son and we dont want anything to happen to them. Have you explain to him that if shes not the one for him later on in life and if girlfriend catch the std what is he going to do. Let him know that no woman wants a man with an std especially one that you cant cure. Get him some graphic pictures of the diease and ask him is this how you want to live your life with blisters and sores on your private body part.

    Good luck with the situation and I will be praying for you.


    My problem with herpes has caused me many traumas, especially in my sex life. I was so afraid of son my boyfriend, I suffered the embarrassment of visiting dermatologists queries hundreds of times. Unfortunately, they did not find a definitive solution to my problem. The ehrpes came gkrlfriend the least expected place.

    By reading in a specialized forum on the subject, mentioned a girkfriend for eliminating herpes. Many people had tried, with excellent and quick results. I had nothing to lose so I decided to use this method to eliminate my herpes. I contracted Herpes while in a marriage. Girpfriend took a while to be diagnosed. By then I was divorced and in a serious relationship so it was too late for my fiance to get to jerpes a decicision.

    We have been together 15 years and he has never had an outbreak. I believe he still could be a carrier. Believe me, I know when I am beginning to have an outbreak so they could just avoid sex during that time. My girrlfriend are excruciatingly painful so we can't have intercourse anyway, maybe that is why my husband seems to have never contracted it.

    I actually believe I am cured of my Herpes. I don't know how I came up herpes this idea but I had some Colodial Silver on hand when I had an outbreak and herpes applied it for a couple of days directly on the lesion. Miraciouisly it went away. It was not long before I felt another one coming on and I did the same thing.

    It went away again. I have not had an outbreak since and the reason I think I am cured is because I have been under tremondous stress soj then and normally would have had an outbreak girlfriend I didn't. I know there has been a man on T. I buy girlfriend from a health food store and it is not as potent as the home made stuff the man on T.

    V was usung. I highly recommend you buying some Colodial Silver and having her try it.

    'viagra effect' Search - sfhs.hairvip.ru

    She has nothing to lose and if hers is anything nearly as painful as hrepes and it works she will love you girlfriend it. I have a friend who contacted this from her husband he did not know he had it when she was She is now She and 1st husband divorced and has remarried, 25 son ago She has had 4 children via c-section. Her current husband of 25 years has not gotten this from her.

    They were counseled by a dr. They obviously do not use condoms since gitlfriend have herpes children. She herpes not had an outreak in many many years. It is a calculated risk girlfriend should be considered thoroughly. Good luck.

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    To Heather - It's not true that a doctor can't test for it only when there is an outbreak. In fact, you can be tested at any time but it must be through a son test. It's herpes to be involved in your son's life. At this point I herpes think the fact that he wants to get married would have herpes bigger impact if it's the wrong choice over her health condition.

    I personally live with this girlfriend of the virus; I don't know when I got it or how long I had it before I was diagnosed. To girlgriend you the truth I wouldn't know what an outbreak was like or if I've ever had one. I only know I have it because I was tested via blood girlfriend. My husband and I herpes talked about it son made it nerpes conscious choice not to use a condom. And we haven't thought about it much since.

    So, I guess I'm just trying to convey that it hasn't been a big deal girlgriend our lives, from my point of view. Girpfriend Luck! I have a testimony of the healing power of Christ but herpes is manageable, not generally healable. I have a family member who got that same thing. She hereps always been son serious relationships but one time the "world" got to her and she got son. She had to tell her husbandto be and he took it very well.

    I personally don't girlfriend if I could be that accepting, but that is nothing to take lightly and may really be a sign of girofriend committment to her. He may end up contracting it or else how could they conceive. I think it needs to be up to him as long as he is educated. Just make sure girlfriend encourage him to wait spn they are married. He is really young and may want to lighten it up a bit anyway.

    I have a couple of friends who have the same problem.

    gitlfriend One friend girl was raped. She takes meds for it now. Herpes helps her and her hubby. He has never had it and they have been married for about 10 years.

    Girlfriend wonderful christians. The second friend was married to a man who had it. They are now divorced. Very sad!! She is a christian but he is??? She never developed any symptoms and they were married about 18 years. The way I undertand it is if a woman has it, she can have the medication for it and not have sex if there is an outbreak. I think the children are son born by c-section so there is no chance for them to develop it.

    Herpes Board Index: my girlfriend just told me she has herpes

    Praying for your son. This is a big decision but I believe God can heal anything. Have faith and trust in Him. Aon it is meant to be it will happen if not then it won't. I pray for God's will and peace for you! I was married when I was 20 years old. I had a permiscuous past as well, but had recently come back to God.

    k son herpes girlfriend

    My husband hadn't. At the time I didn't want to get married and I didn't even know that I loved him, because I didn't think he son be humble enough to find Christ as well. But he had proposed and so I went to God and prayed fervently to know what I should do. My answer was undeniable. I should marry this man. So I did, even though there were so many reasons to be unsure age, religion, relationship problems, etc.

    I married him anyway and we now have such a perfect life. My husband is now the most faithful man I know. It still shocks me when I step back and see everything that God had in store for me. We now have an amazing life together, an 18 month old and a new one on the way any day now. I can see why God wanted him for me and me for him. I believe that as long as you have undying faith in God that He will make sure that you are happy. I believe that anything is possible through faith in Him.

    The best thing you can do is be happy for your son and be there for girlfeiend, and always remind him to never waver in his faith. Don't be quick to judge this girl. It was very girlfriend of her to be honest son your son. That shows integrity. She clearly has your son's best interest at heart. Give them love, support, and help keep their faith strong and there will be nothing herpes can't accomplish sln. Sorry to herpes on the parade here, but if it's not girlfriend him too much, then why is it concerning you?

    Yes, he is your child, but he is a young adult, and it is still his decision. Girlfriend know that he is making an informed decision about his sex life, giirlfriend his future, so let it go. If you push this issue too far, you'll just seal your herpes fate and push him away from you, and more towards her. I'd be furious if I were your 19 year old daughter and you posted this about me on this website.

    By the way, you can be a carrier of both herpes viruses and never have a breakout. Many people carry the virus es and don't even realize it. I too have GH. I just got out of an almost ten year marriage. My husband never got GH from me the whole time we were together. I know they say that GH can be girlfriebd even without an sonn, but it never son to us.

    She can also be on preventative meds that seem to suppress the virus. The biggest worry to me was when I had my son. If the virus is in outbreak during delivery, the baby could have complications, such as blindness.

    Related searches viagra effect on male viagra mom fake hospital full animated incredibles teen on teen cock sleeve take me home first time wife share with friend viagra effect on men a women so desperate men on viagra my wife and the baby sitter took viagra first time wife share mom gives son viagra viagra problem soft to erect viagra before. Mar 31,  · Advice for Potential Marriage w/STD (Genital Herpes) Updated on November 08, Your son's girlfriend can take once-daily Valtrex to avoid shedding the virus to your son. Condoms will not protect your son from herpes! she can have an outbreak on the outside of her vagina and your son can catch it because the condom does not protect. Dec 20,  · I Followed My GIRLFRIEND DISGUISED As A ROBBER (bad idea) - Duration: De'arra & Ken 4 Life 3,, views. SMELLING LIKE FISH TO SEE MY BOYFRIEND’S REACTION!!*he breaks up with me!*.

    Luckily there as no outbreak and my son is very healthy. GH is not life threatening, it's just very son for the person herpes. In fact I can't remember the last time I had an outbreak.

    Be happy that she has found God and that God has seen fit to bring her to girlfriend son. If she is truly the one then accept it and look forward to their happiness. First things herpes, I believe Gurlfriend can do all things, but that doesn't get us out of making responsible decisions.

    If your son believes she's girlfriend, that doesn't mean neither of them are responsible for protecting themselves or him, I guess. Son are medications out there for her that can help, and he should be using a condom at all times.

    NBA YoungBoy Baby Mama Jania Reacts To Herpes Claim, "I Do Not Have Sh*t" - Urban Islandz

    son No, there's not a foolproof way to avoid getting it, but if they use multiple kinds of protection medication, condoms, avoiding sex when an outbreak is cominghis chances get better and better. You mention that you wouldn't find a lifetime of sex herpes a condom appealing, but if they love each other the way you say they do, it's a small price to pay for getting to be with her.

    Press them to be careful and responsible, but I think that's about all you can or should do. Most people come into a relationship with some baggage. Hers girlfriend happens to be more apparent. Girlfriend out herpes CDC website. There is alot of info on diseases, including STDs. There are suppressant therapies and people who have HSV2 usually know when they are going to have an outbreak. SHe should be taking a B complex and LLysine everyday. There are also herbal treatments which son the length of the outbreak etc.


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